Scarborough bay's marina

For those of you who have read my post last week, and wonder where were the photos taken? Yes, it's at Scarborough. The image above is a shot of the bay and the below photo is the toll house.

Scarborough Toll House

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Pride Day 2013

Pride Day 2013 highlights

Last Saturday (24 August 2013), Manchester was greeted with Pride Day 2013. Pride parades, for the LGBT community, celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) culture in Manchester.

Pride Day 2013 - George House Trust

Interesting to see the variations of floats on parade that day. Below are more highlights of the parade.

Pride Day 2013 - Christians and Pride

Pride Day 2013 - Goth

Pirates at Shore

Scarborough: Pirates Ship Framed

Is that pirates I am seeing? Let us zoom in to have a closer look.

Scarborough: Pirates Ship at Sea

Oh, my! It is really a pirate ship. Quick, warn the rest about it!

Scarborough: Pirates Ship at Shore

Pirates...! It seems like the pirates chose a day with good weather to invade. I like the white t-shirt the boy is wearing. It prints "Keep Calm and Call Out".

Oh no, the pirates have set foot on land!

Scarborough: Pirates Base

I guess modern day pirates have different needs... Happy Smiley
"Public Conveniences"?

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Confusing Signs At Tram Stations

Signs at Metrolink tram stations

Can you decipher these signs on the notice board at Metrolink tram stations in Manchester?

To me these signs are very confusing and they can be interpreted in 2 ways:

  1. Both wheelchair users and prams should race to the boarding point?
  2. If the arrows in the signs represent the direction users of wheelchair and prams should head, then explain the next photo.

Conflicting signs

Either way, I'm confused. Err... prams and wheelchair users should get out of the trams so that others can board? Please don't read this the wrong way; I'm not against prams or wheelchair users. I'm just trying to interpret the signs here. I would like to hear what are your interpretations?

Mixing Rain and Electric

When we talk about Manchester, 2 things normally pop up: Football and rain... However, when it rains, everything starts to glitter.

Exchange Quay in the rain

Not only do the glass windows from the buildings reflects the surrounding, now even pools of water on the ground reflects the surrounding. Worth noting is, if you are an electric vehicle owner, there are 2 charging bays at Exchange Quay (Postcode M5 3EB). This place is near to Old Trafford stadium, as you can see the roof of the stadium in the far end of the above photo.

Exchange Quays electric car's charging bays

According to GMEV you can pay either by phone or using the GMEV access card.

Exchange Quays electric car's charging payment system

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