Where Am I?

I've been away over the weekend. From the above photo, can you guess where on earth did I visited?

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Desperate Measures

Have you ever taken an exam before? After doing all that last minute work everything little thing counts isn't it? So what desperate measures did you resort to?

I've saw this pinned up at my University Hall's notice board. I don't believe what people can come up with these days when they are desperate over exams. I would think they should be really busy, but guess what! Read this...

Food sales poster

They are making a business out of this. My goodness! I think the prices are not cheap for home cook food. I can get the same thing from a take away for about 5 pounds! Most take away will do deliveries for orders with 10 pounds or more. Some even give free drinks (Cola) to regulars.

Premier League Champions

Old Trafford Stadium, Home of Manchester United

Welcome to the grounds of Old Trafford stadium, the home of Manchester United Football Club; also known as the Theatre of Dreams.

I've been blogging about Manchester for quite awhile now. However, time after time I've been asked, "Why no Manchester United?" So I am finally going to do a post on Manchester United.

The above photo shows the north stand, which at one time can hold about 26,000 spectators. This is the most of the four stands in the stadium. With the stadium's capacity constantly increasing, at the moment it has reached in excess of 76,000.

Old Trafford Stadium, Home of Manchester United

I would like to congratulate them on their recent achievement of being the champions of English Premier League again. Well done!

Warming Up for Summer

Manchester City Sunset Skyline Photo

How is the city you are living in warming for summer? This is the sunset view of Manchester city skyline with Hilton hotel at the far end.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Mum! Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have received my Mother's Day gift on time. I've posted this since last week, praying that it will reach you in time. Anyway, if it still have not arrive; since I have not heard anything from you, this was what I have sent to you. I hope you will like it.

By the way, this idea was suggested at Zakka Life, and I've borrowed it. Thanks Jessica! Let me know how I fair if you happened to read this post. Many thanks for the wonderful ideas you have always blogged about.

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