City's Lamp

Barton Arcade glass roof

The glass roof architecture at Barton Arcade.

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How Much Is Too Much?!

Toilet Paper Roll

Dear blogers, I haven't been bloging much lately due to my extreme work load. However, its time for a breather now, and I'm trying to squeeze in this article. A few friends of mine were in a rather strange conversation about our usage of toilet papers, this got me into an idea to discuss about this in blogland to hear opinions from more.

We all use toilet papers for many purposes, I'm referring to its main usage, to clean yourself up after whatever business you need to do in the toilet. So using how much toilet paper at a time is considered to be using too much? Do you normally keep track of how many papers do you pull at a go? I would normally pull 2 to 3 sheets each time. Some of my female friends disagree claiming it is too little. We all agree that there may be a tendency for females to use more. However, I am not referring to the total use of it during each visit to the toilet, but everytime when you pull from the roll. I would like to hear what is your opinion on this matter, the acceptable length, and whether do you keep track of how much you pull each time.