The Day The Sunsets

Dusk at Manchester city centre, with Manchester Arndale on the left of the background and the Light building on the right.

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Merc Vs. Bollards

The photo above shows a Mercedes-Benz crush by the automated bollards on Cross Street in Manchester. This stretch of road is between Manchester Arndale and the Royal Exchange. So when it comes to Mercedes-Benz verses the bollards. The Bollards wins OK?! haha... PROVEN!!!

I wonder who should bare the cost of this accident. I think this will be a though one to call. The impact of the accident is from the underneath, and there are signs before the bollards that explains its operational times. So I wonder will the insurance company cover this? Or should the city council bare it? The car looks very new, in fact I think it is one of Mercedes-Benz latest design, but its stead suggest it is ready for scraping. My guess is the owner has to bare it all. What is yours?

Shopping At Gorton

Gorton Car Park

This week I went to Gorton for my weekly groceries shopping in Manchester.

Gorton Market

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Busy & Stress Out

Last week was an extremely busy and stressful week for me. Therefore, my blog wasn't updated. And I spent most of my weekend catching up on my longed miss out sleep.

How did your week went? What will you do, so that you won't be totally stressed out, and can re-charge quickly for another packed week ahead? Phew... I'm barely clinging on.

Crown Court

Manchester Crown Court

Today is notably a nice, sunny, and cool day. Temperatures down a little bit, but I'm not complaining. The photo above is Manchester Crown Court along Aytoun street. If you can't find a parking space and you wouldn't mind the prices, there are a lot here. National Car Parks (NCP) charges from £2.80 for an hour, and £6.30 for 3 hours for this car park. You choose

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