Wrestling With Crocodiles

Orlando city centre, Lake Eola Park

Recently I've been to United States of America again, and this time its Orlando, Florida. I know that I should be posting about Disney and Universal Studios, but I've decided to do the city instead. Winking Smiley

Statue wrestling with crocodile

And I really like this statue of a man on a crocodile in front of Orange County Regional History Center. Very Happy Smiley

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Who's KING of Browser?

Browser Pie Chart

Recently I did a compilation of my blog's user statistics to investigate the type of Web users visited my blog. These records were taken between 19 July 2010 and 12 Nov 2010, a snapshot of the last 4 months. The percentages of the types of browsers my visitors use include Microsoft IE (55.19%), Firefox (28.63%), Safari (8.61%), Google Chrome (6.85%), Opera (0.62%), and others (0.10%). Noting that I mainly, interchangeably use Firefox and Safari, so from the data it gives a good reflection of my actual users.

After all the hype about Web browsers wars between Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft IE; which many "tech savvy" users can witness, the data presented here still shows that Microsoft IE is still much ahead than the rest. Though I not saying that their users rate have not fallen, but much of the users of the Web still trust and believe in them.