Should I Go Mirrorless?

I’m back finally. It has taken forever to get my laptop repaired. Glad that the episode has been over, so I should be blogging as normal again. Thanks for your patience. This photo was taken about 2 months back, featuring the façade of the surrounding buildings in Manchester’s Albert Square.

Building Facade Opposite Manchester Albert Square

While waiting for my laptop to be repaired, I managed to reflect on my blog and equipment. It’s been 4 years since I got my Canon SX20 IS and now I want to upgrade it. I’ve read a lot about Mirrorless cameras: especially Micro Four Thirds format. These reports got me very excited about these types of cameras. However, I’ve also came across articles that suggest the Mirrorless market may not last. These reports only provide small pockets of the bigger picture about the camera market. Therefore, I would like to hear your views and experience on Mirrorless cameras.

Computer Playing Up

My laptop is playing up recently for the last 2 weeks and I've just sent it for repair. Thus, I will not be able to post articles meanwhile. Please bear with me through this unfortunate event.

My laptop has been playing up recently, and I’ve sent it for repair once already. Unfortunately, after it has returned from repair the same issue arises and I had to send it back again. Thus, my inconsistent blog updates. Luckily, I’ve managed to grab hold of a computer to post this update.

Please stay tune for more exciting events once my laptop is up and running properly.

Portland Street

Manchester - Dawsons Music Store

Reflection of Portland Street from Dawsons Music Store at Bank Chambers building in Manchester.

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