Bikes Shed

Bikes Shed

Do you use/known of a bike shed near you? The photo above shows a secured bike shed in the University of Manchester. You will need a security card to access this shed. It keeps the bikes safe and dry from the rain.

Dismantling B of the Bang

The B of the Bang is located next to the City of Manchester Stadium at Sportcity; The home grounds of Manchester City FC. However due to structural problems, the city council has decided to dismantled this fabulous sculpture. The above photo was taken when they were dismantling it. You can see at that time some of the spikes were taken down already.

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Chili Beef

I do not know what to call this dish, but it is mostly made up of beef. The other day I wanted to cook something spicy, and I do not want curry. So this was what I came up with.

Sliced Closed-Up Mushrooms
Minced Beef
Chili Bean Sauce
Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla stan

Here's more photos of my adventure at Stockholm.

Have you ever seen a moving McDonald's? This one is... and there's a cafe behind it too!

Moving McDonald's with a cafe behind