Old Friend 500

Manchester The Grand apartment 500

A loyal friend - apartment 500 at The Grand in Manchester has served me well for the past 2 years. Packing up and clearing this place brought back many memories for me; thus this is a special place for me. I've never felt so much for a place before, so I hope 500 will stand strong for many more years to come.

Everything has to come to a close at certain point in time, and I've reach the time to move on to another place and another chapter of my life. Do you have such a place in your life that you have feelings for? Happy Smiley

Beach Time...

Beach in Manchester city centre

A man made beach in the middle of Manchester city centre, Castlefield, UK.

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Love Shopping?

Love Manchester Arndale

If you love shopping you will like Manchester Arndale. After the riots that spread from London in August 2011, many places around Manchester have setup different activities to show their love for the place. The UK's largest inner-city shopping centre - Manchester Arndale - has also started its Love Manchester Arndale wall - A colourful display of post-it notes.