Cleanest Cities In The World!
Recently on MSN Travel, Tamara Hinson published an article listing the 10 cleanest cities in the world. The 10 cities include:
  1. Edinburgh, Scotland
  2. Minneapolis, US
  3. Oslo, Norway
  4. Ottawa, Canada
  5. Singapore
  6. Dublin, Ireland
  7. Calgary, Canada
  8. Stockholm, Sweden
  9. Philadelphia, US
  10. Truro, Cornwall, England
Proud to be a Singaporean, my country is in the list! Very Happy Smiley However I found this list uncertain. Breaking down this information, 9 out of 10 countries are from both Europe and North America. What about Japan? Have Tamera miss Japan out? I'm very sure Japan is known by many as one of the cleanest place on earth. May be a more detailed list including, probably, the top 50 cities should be provided to explain how the judging was conducted.