Winter Is Late. What Is Holding It Back?

Winter is late in Pittsburgh

Winter is arriving late in Pittsburgh. Weather reports early in November suggest that, due to the Albedo effect, this year's winter will be drier than other years in Pittsburgh. The positive side of it is, we have a longer Fall/Autumn.

The photo in this post was taken on Ellsworth Avenue, between College Street and Spahr Street.

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Updates about me: Over the last 2 months I have moved from Singapore to Pittsburgh in the United States. Thus, at least for the next few months, please stay tuned to catch up on my adventures in North America!

My Review of Harry's Shaving Product

Harry's Truman Razor handle

I recently bought the Harry's Truman set to try out a different shaving setup in my attempt to save money. Read on to see my review and verdict of the product.

What I have bought was the Harry's Truman set to test out a cheaper setup for shaving, that advertised to provide quality shave. Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I am doing this review based on my own experience, and I am not paid to do this review. So this is my honest opinion. I have always used Gillette for my manual shave all my life. Gillette's product was good, but the cost was getting way to expensive, so I found out about Harry's product through an advert and I decided to try out alternative quality shave.

The Harry's Truman razor have a certain weight to it that makes it feels a quality product and gives you that extra confidence when shaving. The blades that came along in the Truman set were as sharp as Gillette, and because there was lesser mechanism at the razor's head, it feels like a slight tighter and cleaner shave. The only complaint I have is due to the way the blades are manufactured, it does not give me the access to shaving areas that are narrow. For example, the area between the nostrils.

My verdict for the Harry's Truman razor is, for value it scores a 9.5/10; while for the quality it scores a 9.0/10; for a clean shave, the Harry's Truman razor scores an 8.0/10; and finally for aesthetic it scores a 9.5/10. Thus, overall, I would give the Harry's Truman razor a 9.0/10. Definitely, a must try!

Mount Aso Spilling Ashes

Mount Aso spilling ashes from far

The University of Manchester recently released a list of the world's 10 most dangerous volcanoes. While going through the list, I noticed Mount Aso in Japan was ranked 4th. This reminded me of my visit in December 2014, where I witnessed Mount Aso spilling ashes and my bus had to be diverted. The photo in this post was taken from my bus while it was being diverted. I thought it would be interesting to share my experience and my apologies for the reflection from the bus windows.

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Fighting Dengue In Singapore's Neighbourhood

Graffiti is Ang Mo Kio, campaigning to fight Dengue

A local community afford in Ang Mo Kio town in Singapore is campaigning to fight dengue through legal Graffiti. However, the residences of Cheng San Zone E have other ideas how the space should be used. I guess it adds character to the surroundings?

Colourful Siloso Beach at night

Colourful Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island at night

Strolling down Siloso Beach at night, I wonder how much Singapore as changed over the past ten years.

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