Beautiful Metal Gate Won Me Over
Mellon Park In Winter April 2016

Today's post will be a photo I have taken in April 2016. I have actually taken some shots over the weekend for this article, but I think I will hold them back for a way overdue shot I have taken in Mellon Park, Pittsburgh during winter. This photo was taken together with my earlier post "Sunset Silhouette at Mellon Park". Check this post too. The shot is very nice. I like the photo in today's article because of the beautiful metal gate and the surrounding settings.

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Window Shopping At Liberty London

Liberty London

A weekend in London for shopping and visiting friends. It was a rustic experience when I visited Liberty London along Regent Street. The timber interior makes the place so inviting to shop and adds that extra touch to the items on display. I would recommend visitors to London to visit this Tudor department store. A twist to the buzzing shops along Regent Street.

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Mixing Rain and Electric

When we talk about Manchester, 2 things normally pop up: Football and rain... However, when it rains, everything starts to glitter.

Exchange Quay in the rain

Not only do the glass windows from the buildings reflects the surrounding, now even pools of water on the ground reflects the surrounding. Worth noting is, if you are an electric vehicle owner, there are 2 charging bays at Exchange Quay (Postcode M5 3EB). This place is near to Old Trafford stadium, as you can see the roof of the stadium in the far end of the above photo.

Exchange Quays electric car's charging bays

According to GMEV you can pay either by phone or using the GMEV access card.

Exchange Quays electric car's charging payment system

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Cyclist Beats World Record Top Speed
Driving With The Sharks?

You may think it is crazy but this is true: Volkswagen has created a underwater car using the blueprints of a Beetle! Fancy a spin around with the sharks? Hot Smiley

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