Shades of Brown

Manchester Cathedral Gardens bare

Cathedral Gardens in Manchester is a popular hang out for students and the locals. Looks like it is high time for the city council to replace the brown patches with fresh green grass.

Fluffy Carpet

Our Sky

Our sky! If sky is the limit, astronauts would be jobless. We are the limit.

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Time for A Treat?

Man selling Crepes in Copenhagen, Denmark

We saw this crêpe store at an event in Copenhagen's City Hall Square during our travel, and we were entice to it. Opps! Smiley Who can resist a crêpe treat? Winking Smiley I like mine with Nutella's chocolate hazelnut spread and bananas! Very Happy Smiley


Amagertorv, Copenhagen, Denmark

Stork Fountain situated on Amagertorv was not functioning during my visit. If not, I think it will make the place prettier. Amagertorv (Amager Square) is part of the Strøget pedestrian zone. It is often referred to as the most central square in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

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3D Television - Any Good?

Recently in the electronic consumers market, I realised 3D televisions seems to become more popular. I have to confess that I am not a fan of 3D television, but I do enjoy a good 3D movie. However, if you ask me to get a 3D television, currently I will say NO. Although 3D shows does give me that little more entertainment, but requiring me to wear that 3D glasses every time I want to watch a show is not practical and inconvenient. In short, I am lazy to wear the 3D glasses. reported that from their recent survey, 57% would watch more 3D movies if they did not have to wear 3D glasses. So I'm glad I'm not the odd one out. Very Happy Smiley

I'm conducting a poll below to see how many of you will be interested to get a 3D television if money and space is not an issue, or may be you already have one.

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