Where The Three Rivers Meet

In today's article, I experimented with my iPhone's panoramic feature and captured the meeting point of the three rivers. I have always wanted to use the panoramic feature on my phone but may be due to lack of creativity, have never found the opportunity. Until during two weeks ago, during my trip on the Duquesne Incline (see my last week post), I managed to capture the area where the three rivers, Monongahela River, Allegheny River and Ohio River, meet.

Panoramic view of where the 3 rivers meet

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Lincoln's Inn in HDR

Lincoln's Inn in HDR

This is my first attempt at High-Dynamic-Range imaging (HDR). The photo above features Lincoln's Inn in London. If you have any suggestions how I can improve the image, please leave your comments below. Thanks! Happy Smiley

Just a gentle reminder: I'm still in the progress of updating and fine tuning my blog's design. Therefore, if you notice any inconsistency please bear with me. Thank you!

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Cleaning Or Baking?

Recently when I shifted to my new place, I realised that my shower drainage emits a foul smell. I’ve tried clearing the gunk I found inside and flush it with hot water, but the smell keeps returning.

So I did some searching over the Web to see if there are other alternatives to kill the odor. I realized that commonly there are a few things people suggest that seems to refer to the same thing or may be I am just confused. Hmm…? There seems to be suggestions to use baking soda, bicarbonate of soda, and sodium carbonate. A little searching around these terms caught my attention that baking soda is not the same as baking powder, and bicarbonate of soda is not the same as baking soda. Hmm… now this sound complicated – huh? Then another article I found claims that both baking soda and bicarbonate of soda are the same where the former is the American version of the latter. I’m totally confused!

I’ve tried searching for these items in a popular supermarket here in Manchester and I found all these items on sale. So it seems like they are all different things. I am even more confused now.

To think of it, this sounds more like the ingredients for a baking recipe rather than eliminating the odor problem I had. So should I ask, how long do I bake it for? Lols… Opps! Smiley

If you are reading this and you know the answer to my problem, I would like to hear your comments. May be you can point out to me in particular, how do I use them; both to clean my toilet and to remove the odor for good. Happy Smiley I will really appreciate it. Very Happy Smiley

Who's KING of Browser?

Browser Pie Chart

Recently I did a compilation of my blog's user statistics to investigate the type of Web users visited my blog. These records were taken between 19 July 2010 and 12 Nov 2010, a snapshot of the last 4 months. The percentages of the types of browsers my visitors use include Microsoft IE (55.19%), Firefox (28.63%), Safari (8.61%), Google Chrome (6.85%), Opera (0.62%), and others (0.10%). Noting that I mainly, interchangeably use Firefox and Safari, so from the data it gives a good reflection of my actual users.

After all the hype about Web browsers wars between Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft IE; which many "tech savvy" users can witness, the data presented here still shows that Microsoft IE is still much ahead than the rest. Though I not saying that their users rate have not fallen, but much of the users of the Web still trust and believe in them.

Emperor Prawn

Emperor prawn

Recently, I've bought a few emperor prawns from the market to celebrate the New Year. While doing this, I did not actually have an idea how to cook one of these. Opps! Smiley So this is very much another of my cooking experiments. Happy Smiley

I started of marinading one of the prawns with Olive oil, a pinch of salt, squeezed a bit of lemon, grinded black peppercorn, and set it aside for 30 minutes. Then, I shallow fry it in Olive oil with chopped garlic, and just before it was cooked, I added a small portion of mixed herbs. It turned out very delicious. So I thought I better document this. Winking Smiley

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