Is This The Best Action Camera?

We have seen many action cameras out there, but I think I have just found one that has excellent quality, and it is well priced. I have delayed this week's post to make sure that I have got my facts right.

What I am referring to is the Polaroid Cube+. Due to its low price tag, many have overlooked it. However, we need to rethink our thoughts. These days small sensor cameras have improved quite a lot and for what they have managed to pack into the Polaroid Cube+ is mind blowing. Let's have a look at what this camera can do below and how it handles flares.

Sunflower plant Photo Demonstrating How The Polaroid Cube  deals With flares

The Polaroid Cube+ does quite well in the still imaging and video departments. Like most wide-angle lens cameras, there would be barrel distortion. With this said, the Polaroid Cube+ is a strong contender, in particular against the GoPro HERO Session. I do not want to overload this article with too many pictures. So I will list links to some of the photos I have taken using the Polaroid Cube+ below - for those who are interested in checking them out. I have also created a video that covers the other features the Polaroid Cube+ has to offer. I would recommend you to check it out if you are looking for an Action Camera.

Flowers Bed Tree Man Sidewalk Tree Bark Flowers and Trees Water Hose Baker Square Brick Wall to Show Barrel distortion

To make it clear, I do not have any affiliation with Polaroid, neither am I paid by Polaroid, I do not endorse them, and I am not sponsored in any way. I just use my own hard earned money on the camera, taxes, and shipping. So let me know your thoughts in the comments and if there are areas in this article that I can improve.

Sunset Silhouette at Mellon Park
Mellon Park in Pittsburgh

I spotted this couple modelling and shooting in the park. Great gear and that guy look like a pro!

Somedays it feels like you are a spectator viewing from a distance at others reaping success from your hard work. Have you ever felt this way? Let me know in the comments.

The photo above was shot during sunset at Mellon Park in Pittsburgh.

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My Review of Harry's Shaving Product

Harry's Truman Razor handle

I recently bought the Harry's Truman set to try out a different shaving setup in my attempt to save money. Read on to see my review and verdict of the product.

What I have bought was the Harry's Truman set to test out a cheaper setup for shaving, that advertised to provide quality shave. Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I am doing this review based on my own experience, and I am not paid to do this review. So this is my honest opinion. I have always used Gillette for my manual shave all my life. Gillette's product was good, but the cost was getting way to expensive, so I found out about Harry's product through an advert and I decided to try out alternative quality shave.

The Harry's Truman razor have a certain weight to it that makes it feels a quality product and gives you that extra confidence when shaving. The blades that came along in the Truman set were as sharp as Gillette, and because there was lesser mechanism at the razor's head, it feels like a slight tighter and cleaner shave. The only complaint I have is due to the way the blades are manufactured, it does not give me the access to shaving areas that are narrow. For example, the area between the nostrils.

My verdict for the Harry's Truman razor is, for value it scores a 9.5/10; while for the quality it scores a 9.0/10; for a clean shave, the Harry's Truman razor scores an 8.0/10; and finally for aesthetic it scores a 9.5/10. Thus, overall, I would give the Harry's Truman razor a 9.0/10. Definitely, a must try!

Colourful Siloso Beach at night

Colourful Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island at night

Strolling down Siloso Beach at night, I wonder how much Singapore as changed over the past ten years.

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Capitol Took My Moviegoing Virginity

Capitol Theatre Exterior Lightings

Capitol theatre and the buildings surrounding it have been restored and rebranded as Capitol. To me Capitol Theatre brings back a lot of memory. It was where I watched my first movie and I am glad that its exterior has been restored quite well to what I remembered it to be. However, the theatre has not yet opened itself to the public, so I am still waiting to see how its interior is done.

Capitol Theatre Interior

The entrance has been given a new face, a more posh image to blend with the shops co-located. The new Capitol targets to the higher end shoppers. I have mixed feelings about the new image. If you have memories of Capitol Theatre, please share in the comments - I would love it read about it.

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