Fighting Dengue In Singapore's Neighbourhood

Graffiti is Ang Mo Kio, campaigning to fight Dengue

A local community afford in Ang Mo Kio town in Singapore is campaigning to fight dengue through legal Graffiti. However, the residences of Cheng San Zone E have other ideas how the space should be used. I guess it adds character to the surroundings?

Colourful Siloso Beach at night

Colourful Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island at night

Strolling down Siloso Beach at night, I wonder how much Singapore as changed over the past ten years.

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Capitol Took My Moviegoing Virginity

Capitol Theatre Exterior Lightings

Capitol theatre and the buildings surrounding it have been restored and rebranded as Capitol. To me Capitol Theatre brings back a lot of memory. It was where I watched my first movie and I am glad that its exterior has been restored quite well to what I remembered it to be. However, the theatre has not yet opened itself to the public, so I am still waiting to see how its interior is done.

Capitol Theatre Interior

The entrance has been given a new face, a more posh image to blend with the shops co-located. The new Capitol targets to the higher end shoppers. I have mixed feelings about the new image. If you have memories of Capitol Theatre, please share in the comments - I would love it read about it.

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Pilots in Transit Lounge

Changi airport terminal 1 transit lounge

During a visit to Changi airport terminal 1, I came across a few pilots discussing some issues in the transit lounge. I wonder what they are talking about?

Get Me Home Please...!

MRT service disruption

I managed to capture this sign strapped to the bus stop near City Hall MRT station early this morning. Evidence of the what was left from last night commuters distress.

Thousands were left stranded last night at MRT stations when Singapore's two main MRT (subway) lines simultaneously came to a complete halt with little options to get home. A sight more and more frequent these days in Singapore.

Blessed with a little sixth sense, I strangely took a bus home yesterday, rather than my normal train ride home. I wonder why. However, my dad was not so lucky and was trapped in the mess for almost 3 hours.

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