Window Shopping At Liberty London

Liberty London

A weekend in London for shopping and visiting friends. It was a rustic experience when I visited Liberty London along Regent Street. The timber interior makes the place so inviting to shop and adds that extra touch to the items on display. I would recommend visitors to London to visit this Tudor department store. A twist to the buzzing shops along Regent Street.

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Easter Trip: London

Marble Arch

This is my second set of photos I am publishing on my easter trip. However, I would like to post on London first, then return to Bath on Friday for Sky Watch Friday. This is because I found that a lot of my photos taken in Bath have very nice skies. So those of you who are also Sky Watch Friday readers do tune in.

At first when I was preparing my materials for London, I was thinking... Hmm... I presumed London would be well blogged about, and I pondered for quite awhile whether should I blog about it, but then I stumbled across an interesting topic that had always disturbed me. So I've decided to give it a go.

I think without the need of much introductory, most of you would have guessed that the photo above and the photo below are the Marble Arch, and the Big Ben with the London Eye to its left respectively.

Big Ben

Then here comes the burning question which had been always disturbing me. I happened to see this in a souvenir shop next to the Tower of London; an armor suit. From the photo below, may I draw your attention to the groin area of the armor. Does anyone know the reason for that to be ahem... so hugely protruded? Please let us know. Here's a topic that you may want to blog about; is this specific to a English armor or is it a common component on most armor? Or is this just a copy used for display purposes? Because what is the use of designing that part protruding? I mean if you want to protect it, there are many ways of doing it. Could it be used as a tool to humiliate their enemies? Or could it be a symbol of bravery? Or may be it was just a fashion statement? What's your take on this?

Armor at Tower of London

Anyone from the fashion industry? I would love to hear your opinion on this.