Shocking Discovery In Vancouver

Dr Sun Yet-Sen house garden views

You may already know that this exist but I was pleasantly surprised to find such a beautiful classical Chinese gardens in Canada. I would recommend the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden to anyone who visit Vancouver. Not only do you get to see this magnificent garden, but you should also check out Vancouver's Chinatown at the garden's doorstep, and the neighbouring Gastown.

Dr Sun Yet-Sen Chinese Gardens

It was a lovely day when I visited the gardens. The clear blue skies helped to highlight the beauty of the house and gardens, even though the pond was frozen. By the time I managed to visit the surrounding areas, it was getting late, and I headed to Harbour Centre to capture some colourful aerial view of downtown Vancouver.

Aerial view of downtown Vancouver from Harbour Centre

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Walkway Next to A Worksite In Downtown Vancouver

Walkway next to worksite along Seymour Street in Downtown Vancouver

When I was walking from Waterfront station to Davie Street for some food, I walked through this protected walkway next to a worksite. I thought the way the sunlight seep through those gaps could form a nice composition for a photo. So I walked back to snap this shot.

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Evening Skies of Canada Place

Evening skies of Canada Place, Vancouver

Following up from my previous post on "Vancouver City from Seawall at Stanley Park", this post features the famous Canada Place in Vancouver, Canada. The lovely colours of the night lightings really bring out the best of the surroundings. I wished I could spend more time shooting the shoreline of North Vancouver, but the wind was so chilled, that sent me searching for a warm cafe.

Sorry for missing last week post. Work has caught up with me.

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Vancouver City from Seawall at Stanley Park

Photo of Vancouver taken from the Seawall at Stanley Park

Recently I have been busy traveling for two reasons. One for a holiday trip and the other was to spend time with my family. In this post, I was in Vancouver for holidays. It was not as cold as I was predicting it to be. Thus, I managed to visit quite a few interesting places, which I will share with you all in my coming posts.

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