Busy Like A Bee

Hello everyone,

If you are wondering why am I not updating my blog. Well, the truth is, I am extremely busy with my university year end reports, interviews, and presentations. Phew...

If this is your first time here, Welcome! Please feel free to view my previous posting.

This post is meant to keep all of you up to date with what is happening here. I will pop by from time to time to reply to any comments, and I will be back blogging as soon as I can. Please bare with me meanwhile.

Your hardwork in studying will surely pays off with great result. Wish you all the best.

I am posting photos of a branded mall, ION Orchard, you might like to have a preview and then visit the mall when you are back in Singapore.
Alicesg    Wed, 19 Aug 2009 22:10:23 +0800
Thanks Alicesg for your wishes.
I'll pop by your blog soon!
Alexander    Thu, 20 Aug 2009 23:46:19 +0800
Hi Alexander

Thanks for visiting my blog... Hope to see u there often... hehe...

Do update us whenever u have time ya...
somewhere in singapore    Fri, 21 Aug 2009 16:13:17 +0800
Alex: You must do the impotant things first. Thanks for your comment.
Fishing Guy    Fri, 21 Aug 2009 20:36:20 +0800
Take care!!
Blogtrotter misses your comments!!
Have a great time!
trotter    Sat, 22 Aug 2009 16:22:44 +0800
All the best with your studies Alex
Mike    Sun, 23 Aug 2009 15:42:12 +0800
somewhere in singapore: Hello and welcome! I will. My datelines all point towards the mid of Sept. So I should be able to starting blogging again around then.

Fishing Guy: thanks!

trotter: thanks! I will pop by whenever possible.

Mike: thank you so much!
Alexander    Mon, 24 Aug 2009 04:18:38 +0800
i am also busy like a cow.
kikey    Wed, 26 Aug 2009 23:51:51 +0800
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