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Who's the Me in Alex's World?

Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. I am Alexander Tan and I run Alex’s World! My part-time passion is photography, music and travel.

Alex’s World is created to give me a voice and document my experience and perspective of a place. Although the blog’s objectives vary slightly from time to time as seen in the blog’s Heritage section; the main overall concepts stay intact.

I was born in Singapore and presently living in Manchester in the United Kingdom for close to 10 years. Over the years, I have developed my photography and post-image processing skills while blogging. The type of photography I do mainly consist of street, landscape and photojournalism. From time to time, I also do some High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) photography. Do check out my gear over the years I have been using. Meanwhile, why not join me in my adventure to explore world!

On the side note, I (Alexander Tan) am also known as Alex Qiang Chen. Both names are my official names, but I prefer to be known as Alexander Tan online while blogging, and professionally: Alex Qiang Chen.

I swim frequently (It's my favourite sport!) and I also like badminton. I love hiking and travel: so that I can take photos and broaden my horizon.

The best thing to know more about me is to have a chat. Hope to hear from you.

When it comes to music, I am picky. I have a distinctive taste for Jazz and Lounge music. Sometimes, I may switch over to Classical, New Age, or Fusion when I get into the mood. If you are guessing whether do I play any musical instruments, the answer is YES!! I would explore all the different types of guitars and the different kinds of music styles. I also play the POP/Jazz piano. That's not all! Ask me personally if you want to find out more.